Legionella Control 

Once Aqua Environmental Services has conducted a Legionella Risk Assessment, in which they will identify the level of risk within your premises, they will recommend a water system/refurbishment and continued monitoring. The monitoring tasks can be undertaken in house by a nominated responsible person who is competent and suitably trained. The training can be completed by our own dedicated training team which allows the nominated responsible person to undertake basic monitoring tasks. 
If, however you decide to appoint Aqua Environmental services to carry out the water hygiene monitoring, then a site-specific task matrix will be decided which clearly states whether the nominated responsible person or Aqua Environmental Services are responsible for completing that specific monitoring tasks and then are also responsible for recording that information. 
A water hygiene site log book shall be issued to site in paper format which shall be used to store and contain the records of Legionella Control monitoring tasks that have been carried out. They are also containing a lot of other information including a written scheme of control. It contains a faults log which enables a clear view on issues that have been identified which could possibly lead to the growth of legionella bacteria in which recommendations shall be issued to site to try and minimise the risk. 

Aqua Environmental Services also undertake the following 

Legionella Risk Assessments 
Microbiological Sampling 
Water Tank Disinfections 
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